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by National Cotton Council of America
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Begins as a travelogue showing a family excursion through North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains, then turns into a promotional film for clothing and other things made from cotton. Much discussion of tent varieties; "a sewn-in tent floor ends worries about things that crawl and creep." Subplot about daughter who is unhappy to go camping, but finally enjoys herself because she meets a boy.04:44:28:04 Disembodied hand grabs for map of the Glorious West and Yellowstone in shelf beside...
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Topics: Cotton, Textiles, Fabrics, Tents, Clothing, Fashions, Families, Vacations, Leisure, Recreation,...
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comment 0  -  Here are a few tips on how to use our editable home management binder. Our binder contains over 160 pages of printables. All pages are completely editable in Adobe Acrobat PDF reader. The home management binder is an easy way to organize your home life. It contains printables about your daily tasks, cleaning, finance, meal planning, yard word and more. If your responsibilities as a wife and mom are overwhelming,...
Topics: home management binder, organization, mom notebook, home binder, family life